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As the description reads I am looking for a set of 18in Work Brombacher wheels for a NB 993. Specs: Front 18x8.5 et54mm Rear 18x10 et60mm Would also consider BBS LMs Thanks!
I would like the long plastic part that fits up against the door jamb and covers the wire loom. the wire look right below the drivers side door. Any color will work for me, IF you have one available, let me know/ Thanks, Robb
Hi all, I am looking for the union fittings to connect the braided lines to the regulator and engine block. Don't suppose anyone has any extra of them? I need 2. They would be the items at the end of the braided line in this picture. Not the...
Hey all, I'm looking for the following parts Grey sun visors in good shape Grey sunroof motor cover, late VR6 Hood hinges VR6 stock exhaust tip Black carpet in good shape TIA!
Looking for a front drivers fender. Pretty sure I will not be putting flairs back on so any year should be fine. If it was a 93 or 94 that would be good to. Preferably white.
My 02 has a catastrophic failure. Preferably looking for a running motor.
Easy pull, no, screws just two pull retainers each side. Even at 80 shipping one could make a decent amount.
Easy pull, no screws just two pull retainers. Even at 80.00 shipping one would make a decent amount in this pull.
Does anyone have an aftermarket intake they wanna sell me before I buy one? I m in Colorado.
Want to buy a GT 500 diff cover let me know what you have. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
looking for a white tailgate for a 100 series. I'm located in Boulder, CO
Anyone have one lying around? Full part # is 31204-60080; discontinued, so no option to buy new that I know of.
Looking for a five speed manual transmission
Total shot in the dark, but looking for a set of non-us spec 17s for an LC100. I can t seem to find them anywhere. Thanks! Looks like this...
Anyone parting out a 24v vr6 car? In need of a few things but mainly the ecu harness. Picked up a 24v swapped wagon and the wiring the previous owner did is questionable. I m located in Denver CO but willing to pay shipping for the right parts. Feel free to comment below or message me directly. I am in search of the harness from both sides of the ecu. Various other parts as well if you have a p...
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